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A Global network of domain-experts and scientists securely collaborating to solve the world most challenging problems.

How it Works


Human-Machine Intelligence to Tackle Global Problems

In recent years, enhanced capacity created by a distributed group of people has transformed the way we collaborate. Connecting more of us and leveraging machine intelligence to mobilize more information, ideas and insights when solving problems.

While AI systems have been adopted in many different domains such as healthcare, security, and finance, they require large volumes of data for training and validation, advanced models, computing power and storage in their development process. Collaboration in AI engineering will reduce cost and time for deployment of innovation and new AI applications to market.

However, collaboration leads to concerns over privacy, protection of intellectual properties and other self-motivated reasons which undermines a company’s capability to innovate.


From Collective Intelligence to Knowledge Engineering

In theory, the crowd holds vast potential: A broad, diverse group of experts from all over the world with fresh perspectives to bring about breakthrough solutions on a given problem. But practice has demonstrated considerable limits in collective intelligence as its current.

Researchers have specific sum of skill sets and distinguished expertise. In addition, participants differ greatly in terms of why they participate. Whether it is for “intrinsic” or “extrinsic” motivation, this impacts the quality of solution which ultimately leads to unsatisfactory results.

Consequently, one must find the optimal position between the silence and the noise. A goal is best accomplished in an environment that maximizes everyone's positive contributions with aligned incentives. The right path that shapes a smart group, not just a collection of smart individuals.

Aggregated deep domain-intelligence

As predictive analytics becomes more sophisticated, companies are increasingly relying on aggregated data. The sum of many independent estimates can outperform the most accurate individual judgment. This centenarian view, popularly known as the wisdom of crowds, has been applied to problems ranging from new drug discovery to financial forecasting.

Vestun adopts a novel learning paradigm that can aggregate and process multiparty information while protecting the privacy of individual participants. An environment in which reasonings and ML/AI models from the best experts are synthesized into a collective artificial intelligence which derive meaningful practical solutions capable to address global problems.

Vestun GmbH

Tapping into the bigger mind Human brain power with machine intelligence

Until now, Intelligent systems research has been inhibited in some ways by attempting to find a universal unifying representation for knowledge and inference.

At Vestun, we envision a new era of collective intelligence by combining human with machine intelligence to generate insights addressing fast-evolving and complex global challenges.

Knowledge is the key asset in any organization and mostly hidden away in expert’s minds, a multitude of silos and documentation libraries.



Enabling every mind to license their knowledge and data-assets by bring their unique domain expertise toward addressing global challenges in an environment that maximizes positive contributions.


Empowering businesses with growing needs to extract insights from their data and domain specialists to gain competitive advantage without compromising privacy over their data-assets.


Accessing breakthrough solutions by connecting quests to a distributed network of multidisciplinary knowledge sources in an environment aligned with individual interests and evolving regulatory laws.

By combining recognition with cognition, there are few problems we can’t solve. At Vestun, you can make a difference while taking on challenges at a global scale.
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